Derbyshire photography

Liz Brown

Hello, I'm Liz Brown.

I'm a photographer who is passionate about family and business photography. I love to capture fleeting moments that are all too soon forgotten and I adore telling stories with my photographs. 

Family is everything to me. The special moments that we have together are the things that will give me a lifetime of happiness. It's for this reason that I love capturing these moments to savour in the future. 

I also love small, independent and creative businesses and I love to photograph their achievements and showcase their products and services. 

Travel, summer evenings and nature are amongst the things that make me happy to be alive and I love sharing all of my adventures over on my blog and Instagram. Come and find me and follow the journey. 


My Photography

My photography style is natural and elegant. I work with natural light and the gorgeous surroundings to give you the best photographs that will still look great in years to come. I don't use heavy or "trendy" edits as I like to achieve a timeless look with the photographs that I capture.